Ding’s Garden in Rowland Heights, CA

Some coworkers wanted to go to Ding’s Garden for their famous wonton noodle soup, so I decided to join them too!  It’s been really hot lately, but that didn’t stop us from ordering large bowls of noodle soup!  Ding’s Garden is a Shanghainese restaurant located on Gale Avenue across from the 99 Ranch Market plaza on Gale and Nogales.  There is a good variety of dishes here, and they are all reasonably priced!

Shanghai-style steamed dumplings for $5.70-   You’ll get 8 pieces of delicious pork and vegetable dumplings!  I especially enjoyed the doughyness of the bread.

I ordered the green pickle and shrimp noodle soup for $5.70!  The vegetable isn’t actually “green pickle,” but it is literally translated from Chinese as “snow vegetable.”

Szechwan dandan dry noodles for $5.70!  These noodles are dry only in comparison to soup noodles.  The sauce is a spicy peanut-flavored sauce.

For $5.70, you can order a noodle soup that is filled with 10 pork and vegetable wontons and noodles!


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