Technique Restaurant in Pasadena, CA

Technique is Le Cordon Bleu’s signature restaurant!  It’s located on the corner of Colorado Blvd and Oakland Ave.  The restaurant has both a modern dining area and a cafe.  I never knew that this restaurant existed until my parents decided to take my cousin here for lunch on the first day of his arrival from Hong Kong.  The meals are prepared by the students from the school.  For $10, you can have a 3-course lunch consisting of a starter, an entree, and a dessert!  For $12 or $15 for dinner, you can choose either 3 or 5 starters, an entree, and a dessert!  The food is elegant and delicious, and it’s nice that it isn’t expensive either.  Technique is only open on weekdays, so it is a little more difficult to find a time to go.

For my lunch, I ordered the duck confit and lobster salad, a hamburger, and an apple pie!  The apple pie was too sweet for my taste, and I would have liked another scoop of vanilla bean ice cream to help balance out the sweetness of the pie.


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