Porto Alegre Churrascaria Brazilian BBQ in Pasadena, CA

Porto Alegre is an all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ restaurant in Pasadena!  It’s located on the second floor of Paseo Colorado across from El Cholo Cafe and P.F. Chang’s.  I never would have heard about this place if my brother and sister-in-law hadn’t passed their $20 off coupon to Jason and I.  Brazilian BBQ is unique for its use of only salt, pepper, and an open fire to cook the meat on skewers.  Each cut of meat is brought out on the skewer, and the servers come around to each table (if your stoplight totem has the green light on the top) to give you a piece or two if you want.  For $35.50 for dinner, you can have as much rib eye, beef ribs, chicken, quail, sausage, picanha, bacon-wrapped turkey, lamb, pork loin, tri tip, garlic steak, skirt steak, filet mignon, duck, sirloin, green salad, feijoada, cheesebread, marinated vegetables, and prepared salads as you want!

My first plate of picanha, grilled zucchini, portobello mushrooms, spicy asparagus, artichokes, and bread!


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