Louie’s Restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA

Louie’s Restaurant is located inside the Upham Hotel in Santa Barbara at the corner of De La Vina and Sola!  The Upham is a historic hotel and is adjoined to quaint garden cottages where visitors can stay overnight.  We came here for dinner after a friend’s graduation from the Ph.D. program at UCSB!  Louie’s is a fancy restaurant and serves entrees such as seafood and shrimp cioppino, salmon, meat loaf, pork chops, sole, halibut, filet mignon, and chicken, and pizzas and pastas!  The prices range from $12.50 for the pizzas to $32 for the filet mignon.  The food is made from high-quality ingredients and is presented well with each dish, and the wait staff was very attentive to keep bringing out their freshly baked bread.  I ordered the cioppino for $24, and it comes with chunks of salmon, shrimp, and clams over saffron rice.  The tomato broth was flavorful and spicy.  I also tried the shrimp and scallop cakes for $11.75.  They had the texture of scallops but were a bit on the salty side.


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