California Fish Grill in Brea, CA

Figuring out where to go for lunch on Fridays is always an ordeal.  We started thinking about lunch options at 9 am, and I suggested California Fish Grill.  Thankfully, everyone agreed to go!  I had only tried it once before at the Irvine location, and I liked how they have a variety of fish plates at reasonable prices.  Each fish plate ranges from $7.49-$13.99 (for giant shrimp).  The fish plates come with 2 pieces of fish charbroiled with garlic butter sauce or cajun style, fries or rice, coleslaw and bread.  You can also order fried fish or tacos.  I ordered the grilled mahi cajun burrito wrap this time, and it comes with rice, onion, tomatoes, cabbage, and cream sauce.  The burrito was delicious, and it tastes better with the various salsas too.

Charbroiled Salmon Plate for $9.99.


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