Shanghai Restaurant in San Gabriel, CA

My parents and I came with my brother’s family and in-laws for dinner!  Shanghai Restaurant is located in Focus Plaza on Del Mar and Valley Blvd.

Shanghai-Style Pan-Fried Rice Cake for $6.95- This can also be ordered with gee cai or preserved cabbage.

Sauteed Lily with Pumpkin for $9.95- A unique dish!  I’ve never had pumpkin like this, but I liked the sweetness and soft texture of the pumpkin cooked with the lily bulbs.

Crystal Shrimp for $12.95- The shrimp can also be cooked “lily style” or “green tea style”!

Snake Gourd with Beancurd Skin in Casserole for $7.95- “Snake gourd” is actually a type of melon!  The English translation doesn’t sound appetizing, but this is one of my favorite vegetables!  It’s cooked in a stone pot with bamboo shoots, carrots, and tofu!

House Special Spicy Beef for $10.95- This beef is fried in a crunchy “sand” coating!


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