Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA

Jason and I went on a food tour of Little Tokyo, and it was really fun trying all the different foods and getting to know more about the area!  Not only do you get to try different Japanese dishes and treats, you also learn about the culture and history of Little Tokyo!  It’s easy to walk around Little Tokyo and go to the well-known places like Daikokuya and the Japanese Village Plaza, but the tour guide will introduce you to places that you might not see or decide to check out if on your own.  This food tour provides 4 savory and 3 sweet tastings.  The savory tastings are half-portions.  I was extremely full by the end of the tour.  Don’t eat anything before the tour because you’re guaranteed to be stuffed.

A bowl of sushi rice and tempura udon soup from Wakasaya Restaurant!  This restaurant is located on the left side of the Japanese Village Plaza.  At first glance, it doesn’t look like a good place to eat with all of the pictures of the dishes in the windows, but the food is good, and they have a sashimi challenge for anyone willing to try!

Beef Tataki, Pork and Vegetable Gyoza, and California Rolls from Oiwake Restaurant!  Beef Tataki is seared filet mignon slices on top of ponzu slivered onions or cucumber salad.  This restaurant is located upstairs in the back left corner of the Japanese Village Plaza.  I never would have known about this place or tried it if we didn’t go here during the tour.  It feels like a traditional Japanese restaurant inside, and there is plenty of space for large parties.  The food at this restaurant was the least interesting to try during the tour, but it was nice to hear the story behind California rolls.

Mochi Ice Cream from Mikawaya Mochi!  This place is THE store that makes the mochi ice cream that you can buy at Trader Joe’s or 99 Ranch Market!  There are mochilato (mochi gelato) and regular ice cream flavors such as chocolate, mango, green tea, strawberry, red bean, and vanilla!

Our final stop on the tour was the Chado Tea Room!  You’ll start off with a cup of warm chai and petite scones, and then you’ll be able to smell and sample several kinds of teas!


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