Tasty to Go in Arcadia, CA

Tasty to Go is a little tea place in Arcadia right by the 99 cent store on Duarte and 2nd!  My brother recommended this place for their shaved snow.  His description of the ice as “ribbons” intrigued me, and my boyfriend and I quickly planned a trip to go.  The cafe is spacious, but seating is limited along the sides of the building.

Here is the green tea shaved snow!  There’s tapioca, mochi, red bean, and green tea ice cream!  The entire dessert is drizzled with condensed milk.  Shaved snow has a chewy texture, and all of the flavors of the toppings complemented each other well.  The ice also isn’t too cold when you bite into it.  Each order is about $7 and can be shared with 2-3 people.


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