Outback Steakhouse in Arcadia, CA

I haven’t been to Outback Steakhouse in years, so it was nice to go there for my mom’s birthday dinner!  The staff gave us the Bloomin’ Onion and the Kookaburra Wings for free since we had to wait longer than we expected after calling ahead for priority seating.  The Bloomin’ Onion is always a must!  Made by certified bloomologists, the Bloomin’ Onion is fun to eat and tastes so good!  Outback’s food is better than I remembered, and I enjoy the creativity of the menu and the restaurant’s ambiance.

The bread is served as a loaf, and you cut it yourself!  It’s so easy to fill up on this bread!

The Bloomin’ Onion for $5.99- You can dip each piece in Outback’s spicy signature bloom sauce!

Kookaburra Wings for $7.99- Not really made from kookaburras, these are chicken wings that are very flavorful and spicy.

Outback Steakhouse has combination plates if you can’t decide what to get or just want to try everything!  This combination includes the coconut shrimp, baby back ribs, and grilled chicken!

Another combination plate- Outback Special steak and crab cakes!  The Outback Special is a 7 oz. sirloin cut.


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