Shark Sushi in Brea, CA

I first heard of this restaurant when a coworker went to pick up lunch and her dry cleaning!  She ordered the popcorn lobster roll- baked baby lobster and avocado rolls with baked baby lobster on top and drizzled with a tasty sweet sauce!  After one bite, I wanted to eat the rest of her lunch.  When a group of us decided to come here for lunch, I also decided to order the popcorn lobster roll.  It’s $10.50, but you get a whole plate of baby lobster and sushi rolls.  I only ended up being able to eat half of it.  Shark Sushi also has lunch specials!

The popcorn lobster roll!

Sushi Lunch Special for $6.95- 4 pieces each of spicy tuna roll, California roll, and popcorn lobster roll!

Sashimi Lunch for $13.50- 12 pieces of tuna, salmon, albacore tuna, and red snapper!

Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Special for $5.95!  It also comes with 4 pieces of California roll!  The chicken is really tender and delicious.


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