Coconut Station in Rowland Heights, CA

Coconut Station is located on Nogales Street just south of the 60 freeway.  It is just like Coconut Bay, but it is quieter and less crowded.  The food tastes great, and it’s a good place to bring a few friends or a large group.  I was very satisfied with what we ordered, and I would come here again.

We started with an appetizer first…

These crab nuggets are so good!  It’s crab meat wrapped in soft tofu skin, deep-fried, and served with plum sauce.  Each order of 6 nuggets is $6.25.

BBQ Chicken Fried Rice for $7.50- I thought the chicken would be chopped up and mixed with the rice, so it was a nice surprise to see two large pieces of chicken on two sticks.  The description in the menu did say that it had special family recipe BBQ chicken STICKS, but I didn’t notice.

Emerald Noodle with Crying Tiger for $7.50- I have to admit, I wanted to order this dish because it had a cool name.  Steamed spinach noodles with charbroiled marinated steaks sounded tasty too!


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