Curry House in Irvine, CA

Curry House is so delicious!  Their curry is sweet and not spicy at all.  There are 5 levels of spiciness, but even “medium” tastes like “not spicy.”  I was really hungry and didn’t think that a bowl of curry and rice would be enough, so I ordered the deluxe omelet chicken katsu curry plate!  The omelet is wrapped around curry fried rice mixed with vegetables.  I was expecting white rice, so the curry fried rice was a nice surprise!  I got too full and had to give half of my chicken to a friend so I could finish my plate.


One thought on “Curry House in Irvine, CA

  1. That should be a huge insult to them if they know anything about curry. Curry is spice. If medium is not spicy at all, you’re not talking about curry. Curry is one of my favorite foods. Indian curry, Thai Curry, heck I’ve had South African curry. I don’t really care what kind, it’s all awesome. But curry with no spice – no thank you.

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