Baimon Exotic Thai Cuisine in Rowland Heights, CA

One of my coworkers had a $10 off $30 coupon for this place, so we decided to go!  The spiciness level of these dishes is really high.  The shrimp tom kha soup was requested to be very spicy, and I ordered medium for my curry.  The curry was spicier than the soup.  I liked the flavors of the dishes, but the spiciness is just too much for me.

Shrimp Tom Kha- Hot and sour coconut soup with shrimp, herbs, chili, and mushrooms for $7.95!

Beef Kang Ped- Red curry cooked with bamboo shoots, green peas, carrots, and chili mixed together in coconut milk for $6.95!  This curry is sooo spicy.

Pad Thai- The only non-spicy dish that we ordered!  Made with fried Chantaboon rice stick noodles with chicken, eggs, and bean sprouts!

Pad Prik Khing- Chicken sauteed with green beans and Prik Khing curry paste for $6.95!


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