Taste of Asia in La Verne, CA

Before I left my job in Pomona, one of my coworkers took me out to Taste of Asia for lunch!  They have lunch specials on Tuesday through Friday for $6.95-$7.95.  Each dish includes the soup of the day, salad, and rice except the noodle dishes.

Pad Thai- Rice noodles sautéed with egg, chicken, tofu, and bean sprouts and topped with ground peanuts.  This dish always tastes good wherever you order it.

Pad See Ew- Pan-fried flat rice noodles with eggs, sweet soy sauce, and Chinese broccoli with a choice of chicken, beef, or pork.  Delicious!  I love noodles, and these flat rice noodles are my favorite kind to eat in a stir-fried dish.  I ate it all up and was very satisfied.  It put me in a food coma when I went back to work afterward.  Haha.



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