Noodle World in Pasadena, CA

This noodle place in Old Town Pasadena is located close to the corner of Fair Oaks and Colorado Blvd.  It has noodle dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Japan.  Noodle World also has Japanese-Italian spaghetti dishes.  If you like noodles, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t like this place.  It might not be the most authentic, and sometimes I think I should go to an actual Vietnamese/Thai/Chinese/Japanese restaurant to eat these dishes, but the food still tastes good.

Beef Pad See You-Flat rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, eggs, and soy sauce for $7.95.  This one is always good!

Chicken Tom Kah- A Thai rice noodle soup with sliced chicken and mushrooms in a coconut soup flavored with lemongrass, lime juice, and chili paste.  I never had this before because I thought it would be too spicy, but this time I asked for it to be less spicy, and I really enjoyed the lime, chili, and coconut flavors.  My only concern was that this soup was served at room temperature.  I don’t like scalding hot soup, but some heat would have made it taste better.  This dish cost $7.50.


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