Kobawoo House in Los Angeles, CA

Kobawoo House is a little restaurant in Koreatown!   It’s located at Vermont and 7th and easily accessible by the Metro Red Line (Wilshire/Vermont exit).  This place serves Korean specialties other than soon dobu (tofu soups) and bbq.  I’ve never been to a restaurant like this, but it was good, and it broadened my perception of Korean food!


Dean Jang Chigae for $6.99- This is spicy, but it tastes like tomato and beef soup.

Haemul Pa Jun- A sizzling seafood pancake w/ mixture of scallops, shrimp, oyster, squid, clam w/ green onion for $13.99.

Wang Modeum Bosam for $26.99- It’s boiled and steamed pork, spicy fish w/ fresh napa cabbage and spicy vegetable mixture.  First, you get a piece of napa cabbage.  Next, add the pork, the spicy fish, and the spicy vegetable mixture.  Roll it up, and enjoy!


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