Fu-Shing Szechuan Restaurant in Pasadena, CA

Fu-Shing is an Americanized Chinese restaurant, but their food is very flavorful and delicious.  I liked all of the dishes, especially the seafood casserole, tea-smoked duck, the eggplant in hot garlic sauce, and the fried scallops with the rice noodles.  The fried scallop dish was a new one for me, but it was tasty, and I could have eaten the whole thing.  The servers are very friendly, and the service is good.  I have only been here on two occasions with my extended family (with 2 babies, 4 kids, and 15 adults), and the servers are always patient.  The dishes are more expensive for a Chinese restaurant ($8-$25), but that’s what comes with a quiet restaurant and good service.


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