Thai Orchid Garden in Pomona, CA

Pad Kee Mao for $7.99: Flat noodles pan-fried with minced beef and mint leaves.  It tastes really good, but it’s just too spicy for me.

Silver Noodles with Chicken ($6.50 for the lunch special): Clear noodles pan-fried with chicken, onion, bean sprouts, and scrambled eggs.  This tastes very similar to Chinese fried noodles (fun si). 

Pad Thai: The most popular Thai dish- Pan-fried Thai noodles with bean sprouts, green onions, ground peanuts, scrambled egg, and chicken.  If you’ve never had Thai food before, this is the dish that you should start with.

Chicken Satay: Chicken skewered on a bamboo stick, grilled and served with peanut sauce and cucumber dips for $7.25 (lunch special price).


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